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If your life's goal involves breathing life into patients across the country, then you've come to the right place. Our experienced recruiters are looking to fill Certified Respiratory Therapist jobs in exclusive facilities right now! You can quickly develop your allied travel career while working in one of the nation’s top therapy facilities based in the location of your choice. At Club Staffing, we listen to your personal and lifestyle needs. Great pay, Competitive housing, and DAY ONE benefits are waiting.


Job Requirements for Travel CRT Jobs

  • Performs and evaluates tests on patient’s lungs to accurately administer treatment drugs and at-home equipment like oxygen machines and ventilators
  • Conducts in-person examination on patients with pulmonary-related sickness and disease
  • Constructs and presents personalized treatment plan for patients
  • Collaborates with medical team to formulate an outpatient or home health plan for patient
  • Treats patients with medications and physiotherapy as prescribed by medical team
  • Monitors and records patient’s progress and release
  • Educates patient and family on outpatient and home treatment plan including self-administration of medication and device operation
  • Holds an entry-level Respiratory Therapy Certification


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Maximize Your Earning as a Travel CRT

Travel-certified respiratory therapists can enjoy a fulfilling career that not only offers the opportunity to provide crucial respiratory care but also provides a competitive salary. A travel CRT with Club Staffing earns $2,100 - $3,700 per week. As a traveler with Club Staffing, we honor your skillset, experience, and dedication to patient care with competitive pay, and amazing benefits. Find your next assignment today!

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(*Disclaimer: CRT travel job wages are based on average rates and may be impacted by facility budgets and seasonality and may include a combination of taxable and non-taxable earnings and reimbursements.)

Extraordinary Benefits

Health Benefits

DAY ONE medical, Dental, Life, and prof. liability insurance


Pre-arranged, move-in ready housing or a stipend if you prefer your own accommodations


Retirement savings plan; contribute up to $17,500/yr

Career Consultants

Experienced clinical manager to help you throughout your entire travel journey

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