• Pulmonary Function Tech/EEG Tech Travel Jobs/Salary: This is Amazing

    Pulmonary Function Tech/EEG Tech travel jobs are now staffing at Club Staffing. With the amazing benefits and world-class recruiters these jobs come with, you'll find a new way to grow your career that gives you the opportunity to live the lifestyle you've always wanted. .

    How much is a Pulmonary Function Tech/EEG Tech Travel Salary in 2020? $45.00-$55.00/hr.

    Pulmonary Tech/EEG Travel Techs can expect great weekly pay, with hourly rates between $45.00-$55.00/hr.* in short-term, long-term contracts of 13 weeks or more. Travel pulmonary function tech/EEG tech jobs bring excitement back to your career. What are you waiting for?

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    Pulmonary Function Tech/EEG Tech Travel Jobs: Excellent Benefits and Perks

    • DAY ONE medical, dental, life and prof. liability insurance
    • Prearranged housing or a housing stipend if prefer to arrange your own
    • 401k/retirement savings plan that allows contributions of up to $17,500/yr.
    • Travel reimbursement to your assignment
    • Housing, payroll and career specialists ready to help
    • Family and friends are welcome to join you

    (*Disclaimer: Wages for Pulmonary Function Tech/EEG Tech travel jobs are based on average rates and may be impacted by facility budgets and seasonality and may include a combination of taxable and non-taxable earnings and reimbursements.)

  • Pulmonary Tech Travel Jobs: Up to $55/hr. Come Explore

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