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OBGYN Sonography Jobs: Help Bring New Life Into the World

February 01, 2019

OBGYN Sonography Travel Jobs

By Brook Jillings
If you're trying to figure out your medical specialty and you're passionate about bringing new life into the world, OBGYN sonography jobs might be a good fit for you. OBGYN sonographers use ultrasound technology to take images of female reproductive organs and fetuses in utero.

Medical professionals who consider this career path have the noble responsibility to promote healthy women and babies through early identification of reproductive issues and monitoring an existing fetus.

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OBGYN sonography jobs are rewarding
OBGYN sonographers are responsible for producing the ultrasound images that are often the first real introduction between parents and their unborn child. Also referred to as ultrasound technicians, professionals in OBGYN sonography jobs have the important task of using the images they take to examine the fetus in utero. Some of the determinations they make include:

  • --Number of fetuses
  • --Gender
  • --Fetal positioning
  • --Possible congenital abnormalities
  • --Gestational age
  • --Size and growth of the fetus


OBGYN sonographer jobs also involve taking images of a woman's reproductive organs. These ultrasound images are used to determine the health of the patient's reproductive organs.

This is a useful diagnostic tool for identifying masses within the uterus or ovaries, such as cysts, fibroids or tumors. The images can also be used to measure the uterine lining and view the endometrium.

Use new technologies
Over the last several decades, OBGYN sonographer jobs have benefited from several advancements, including real-time capabilities, Doppler ultrasounds to detect fetal blood flow and heart rate and transvaginal options.

Today, sonography technology has created smaller, handheld devices for greater portability, a telesonography app developed for iPhone and a NASA-developed virtual guidance program to direct ultrasounds performed by non-professionals.

Salary information
The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics classifies OBGYN sonography jobs under diagnostic medical sonographers and calculates the median salary for the position at $71,410 each year. This translates to a median hourly wage of $34.33 across the country.

Median wages vary for this specialty depending on the type of facility in which the sonographer works:

  • --Laboratories (medical and diagnostic): $69,690
  • --Physician offices: $69,890
  • --Hospitals: $71,740
  • --Outpatient care centers: $81,200
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