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Cath Lab Tech Jobs in Florida: Beauty and Benefits

August 10, 2019

Cath Lab Tech Jobs in Florida

By Brook Jillings, Contributor
Cath lab techs play an important role in the identification of critical heart issues by performing a variety of necessary diagnostic tests.

These professionals are rewarded for their efforts with a solid pay scale and strong career outlook. Those who fill cath lab tech jobs in Florida can take advantage of the additional benefits that come from working and living in the state.

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How much do cath lab techs make in Florida?
The wage potential for cath lab techs is greatly affected by location and experience, but the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) shows the average salary for cardiovascular technologists and technicians in Florida is $49,340 per year.

Nationally, the lowest paid cath lab techs earned less than $30,000 but the highest earners received salaries over $90,000. Those who command top dollar often demonstrate competency in complementary skills, such as the use of peripheral component interconnect (PCI) or intraoperative monitoring.


Cath lab techs also see a major jump in earning potential once they've worked in the field for at least five years and will continue to see this rise as they gain more experience. Even the facility in which you work can have an impact on your paycheck. The BLS lists outpatient care centers as having the highest earning potential nationally, with an average salary of $68,060, while medical and diagnostic laboratories rank the lowest at $50,280.

What is the career outlook for cath lab techs?
The future looks bright for cath lab techs with the BLS showing a 10 percent increase in employment by 2026. This projection is largely influenced by the aging baby boomer generation and their anticipatory diagnostic needs as their health declines due to age-related conditions.

There is also increasing demand for alternatives to medical imaging techniques that use radiation, providing cath lab techs with additional job security.

Florida, in particular, is likely to offer a stable professional environment for cath lab techs, with the third highest employment level for the industry in the United States. The Miami, Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach areas show the highest employment levels in the state and the Cape Coral, Fort Myers and Ocala areas present the highest job concentration for the industry.

These numbers are not surprising when you consider Florida's reputation as a desirable retirement location. This creates an excellent professional opportunity for cath lab techs who wish to relocate, increasing the negotiating power for those ready to meet the high demand for their services.

Other benefits to filling cath lab tech jobs in Florida
Job security and a livable wage are great incentives to pursue cath lab tech jobs in Florida, but finding ways to fill your off-duty hours is where the state really shines.

Located in the southeast corner of the map, Florida offers miles of beaches that span across both the Atlantic and the Gulf coastlines. Fishing, boating, surfing and camping are common activities that Floridians enjoy, soaking up the fresh, coastal air and warm sun.

Florida's famous Everglades National Park provides the opportunity to see the rare and endangered species that call this incredible ecosystem home. Learn all about the laid back lifestyles of the West Indian Manatees, or sea cows, as they're affectionately called, or perhaps catch a glimpse of the rare Florida Panther.

Discover what makes this protected area unique and take part in one of the many outdoor activities available.
Many Florida cities, like Miami, Orlando and Tampa, are popular tourist destinations and offer a variety of shopping opportunities, world class dining options and a vibrant nightlife scene.

History buffs can explore the state's rich heritage through a selection of historical sites and museums that focus on a range of topics, such as Native Americans, maritime events and African American history. There's a little something for everyone.

Cath lab tech jobs in Florida blend the security of professional opportunity with unparalleled recreation options that create a high quality of life.

Whether cath lab techs are fresh out of school and looking to get their feet wet or have decades of experience under their belts, the Sunshine State is a major contender in the industry and shows signs of continued growth.


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