Work Hard, Play Hard: Traveling Medical Technologist Does It All

Club Staffing medical technologist jobs bring traveler personal and professional rewards

By Melissa Wirkus Hagstrom, contributor

Exploring new locations with her husband, experiencing a variety of professional growth opportunities and making tons of new friends along the way have helped Jennifer Corsich, MT, Club Staffing traveler, live life to the fullest.

After graduating from Stony Brook University, located on Long Island in New York State, the native Oregonian was hired as a medical technologist right out of school. She worked as a staff member at two different facilities before she met a Club Staffing traveler who introduced her to the wonderful world of allied healthcare traveling.

Traveling medical technologist Jennifer Corsich enjoys exploring the country with her husband.

“I made the phone call to Club Staffing and asked a bunch of questions,” Corsich recalled. “I had recently gotten married, so I brought it up to my husband, and he was all for it. We both thought it was an awesome opportunity to travel and for myself professionally to learn and explore the lab setting. So both of us quit our jobs and we took my first contract up in Ketchikan, Alaska.”

Since embarking on her career as a traveling medical technologist, Corsich and her husband have been enjoying the chance to explore the country.

“It’s so nice because we don’t have to coordinate our work schedules or worry about vacation time. We just get to explore all of the places that I go to for work on my days off. It’s really worked for us,” she said.

In addition to Alaska, the travel pair have enjoyed experiencing locations in Massachusetts, Virginia, Ohio, New York, Hawaii and other states. Each assignment has brought something unique. A small town in Virginia was Corsich’s favorite experience in terms of location, and her contract in Honolulu, Hawaii, left her with lifelong friends and a vast repository of new knowledge.

Traveling with Club Staffing has not only allowed Corsich and her husband to see the United States and to travel to Argentina to visit family between assignments, her medical technologist jobs have helped her to grow leaps and bounds professionally.

“We’ve been to a lot of places and I have learned so much in the lab,” she said. “I’ve worked with all types of analyzers, computer systems and in different laboratory layouts, and found that everyone does things just a little bit different. It’s fun because things are always being switched up and it keeps things fresh. I’m always learning, I’m never bored, and it’s never stagnant. There’s always something new.”

“One of the reasons why my husband was willing to quit his job and do this for me was because he saw it as such an opportunity professionally for me.”

Corsich is a committed and dedicated allied healthcare traveler who is appreciated by her recruiter, Erin McConnell, and teammates at Club Staffing. The respect is mutual.

“My recruiter is awesome,” Corsich said. “She is my main contact with the company and the face of the company to me. She has been wonderful. She is quick to get back to me, always helpful, and always professional and friendly. She is a good listener.”

She has had such a smooth experience with her medical technologist jobs that Corsich regularly recommends Club Staffing and her recruiter to other allied healthcare professionals.

“The most helpful thing that this traveling gig has given me is my own personal growth with working with so many different people, learning how to communicate and work with different personalities,” she said. “I’ve been exposed to so many people that I feel like it’s really helped me learn how to relate to people and communicate better.”

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