Part-Time Traveler Comes Home to California

July 02, 2019

Emily Mason

Physical therapist Emily Mason was born and raised in Southern California, but that didn’t mean once she started traveling for Club Staffing that she would avoid assignments in her home state.

Emily did her undergraduate degree in Tucson, Arizona, and then worked a while before staying in Arizona to attend physical therapy school. After PT school, she returned to Tuscon for three years, where she worked as a full-time physical therapist at an orthopedic outpatient clinic.

Along the way, she kept in touch with classmates, and they began to talk about their very positive travel physical therapy experiences. Emily was all ears.

“I really like to travel,” she said. “So the thought of having the flexibility that travel PT offered was attractive. Also, many of my classmates have been branching out and doing different settings. And that kind of appealed to me in the sense that I can use all of the skills that I learned in school versus just being stuck and specializing in one thing for my whole life.”


Coincidently, Emily met some former classmates who started a website to help PT travelers get started. They recommended recruiter Megan Leigh Fisher, who worked for Club Staffing.

So after spending about 13 years in Arizona, Emily talked to Megan and decided it was time to come home and take her first travel assignment in California. Emily is dating somebody who lives in Tuscon but sees traveling as a way to be able to traverse back and forth.

"I plan to go back to Arizona after California and do a rotation somewhere outside of Tucson to explore some of the areas I didn't get to see," she said. "And then from there, back to California, maybe Southern California, to be with other family members. I want to bounce back and forth between the two states and explore what they have to offer."

Emily's first travel assignment is in San Carlos, California, a southern suburb of San Francisco. San Carlos is one of the best places to live in San Mateo County, according to Niche, which also gives the city an A+ rating. And with her family being her most significant motivator for traveling while in California, she said she wants to work in Santa Cruz, where her sister lives, and Chino Hills, where her brother lives.

In Arizona, she is considering Bisbee and Tombstone as great places to explore and work. Also, both California and Arizona offer great locations to satisfy Emily's love of hiking and backpacking.

"When it comes to your job, what I love about California are the possibilities here," she said. "If you're interested in a particular field or specialty, California is the place to pursue your dreams. The state has a ton of placements, and I would say the jobs financially tend to pay higher. And the weather is great as well."

READY to start expanding your career choices as Emily has? Just apply from the link below and our recruitment team will help get you on your way!


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