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Seven-years in, Traveling Physical Therapist Still Having Fun

By Megan Murdock Krischke, contributor

Before launching her traveling career, Megan Strahan, PT, worked two years at a private practice clinic. She now has been working as a traveling physical therapist for seven years.

“At the private practice where I worked, there was a lot of turnover and the area was pretty saturated with PTs.  I learned about traveling from other therapists and the company they worked with was Club Staffing, so I decided to check it out,” explained Strahan. “I love traveling because it is always new and exciting and gives me a little more flexibility than a permanent position. I just love to explore different areas and to meet new people.”Megan Strahan, physical therapist traveler with Club Staffing

Because physical therapist travelers can take breaks between assignments, Strahan says she can plan around holidays and other events. She notes that traveling also pays more than a permanent position.

“I typically drive between my assignments.  I’ve thought about traveling with a pet for companionship, but it seems like just one more thing to think about,” she remarked.

In her seven years of working as a traveling physical therapist, she has worked in 12 different states. Her favorite assignment location so far is Grand Junction, Colo.

During her current assignment in San Diego, Calif., she has done a lot of hiking in Torrey Pines State Park and, as an avid golfer, she plans to play at top-rated Torrey Pines Golf Course.

“I’ve experienced the best of the different locations where I’ve gone on assignment,” said Strahan. “In San Francisco, I did the night tour of Alcatraz, hiked the Marin headlands at sunset and got a stunning photo of the Golden Gate Bridge. When I was in Colorado in the winter I skied at least six different resorts and in the summer I did some ‘fourteener hiking’ [hiking mountain peaks higher than 14,000 feet], including a benefit hike up Pikes Peak with 400 other hikers."

“In Texas,” she continued, “I was able to see my alma mater, Kansas State, play basketball against Texas A&M. While in the D.C. area I visited tons of museums and celebrated the Fourth of July in our nation’s capital. While in Pennsylvania I visited the Liberty Bell and the Mutter Museum--a really fascinating medical museum of human pathology--and drove up to New York to see Niagara Falls.”

Strahn has also had valuable experiences in the clinical setting as a physical therapist traveler.

“One of the things I really value about traveling is learning new things about how a hospital or clinic runs and the different treatment styles of different therapists. I get to take with me the best practices I learn at each assignment,” she commented.  “Traveling has given me more experience and I’ve been able to see how different patients from all areas of the country react, and then I can draw on those experiences when I treat new patients.”

As a traveling physical therapist, she has learned to be more flexible with working hours, how to get along with all different types of people and to be more organized.

“I would definitely recommend traveling to other PTs, though personally I’m glad I started with a permanent position while I got my feet under me. I’ve had a good experience with Club Staffing--they have good recruiters,” reflected Strahan.

“I’ve always said I would travel as long as I enjoy it and it is still fun for me. I’m still having plenty of fun.”

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