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Career Plan Becomes Travel Reality for CT Tech


Cesily Lantz’s long-term desires have led her directly to what she’s doing right now--working as a traveling radiology tech with Club Staffing. Ever since she took a class in high school on the allied health fields, she knew she wanted to work in radiology. And the longing to travel the country came about when she was pursuing her radiology degree.

“I’d always lived in the Southeast, in Georgia and North Carolina. Although it was scary to leave my full-time position, being a traveler is really a dream come true,” reflected Lantz, RT (R) (CT). “And as it turns out, I’ve always had work as a traveler when I’ve wanted it.”

Expanding Her RT And CT Tech Experience

Lantz worked for two years in a small hospital in North Carolina before starting her allied travel career. In her permanent position she just did basic exams, but her travel jobs have allowed her to greatly expand her experience base. She is a registered technologist (RT) who currently holds two certifications: one in radiography (R), and one as a computed tomography technologist/technician (CT tech). 

“Now I feel like I’ve done everything. I’ve worked in trauma centers, stroke centers and learned the protocols for both of those. And now I’m working in a top hospital--that never would have been a possibility for me before I started traveling,” she noted. “Working as a tech has been a great fit for me. I enjoy being able to take part in helping the patient and doctors find a diagnosis.”

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Exploring Favorite Destinations


Lantz started traveling two years ago and so far has taken assignments along the West Coast: Seattle, Portland, Fairbanks, and now at Stanford in Palo Alto. Still on her list of places she’d like to go are Hawaii, the Rocky Mountain States and the Northeast. Wherever she travels, she enjoys getting out hiking and seeing mountains and waterfalls.

“It is hard to pick a favorite thing I’ve experienced exploring the country. I was in Alaska from September to December and got to experience a totally different way of life and to see the northern lights, which were just breathtaking. I’m not sure I could live in Alaska for a lifetime, but I’d be intrigued to spend a year or two there. And I’ve enjoyed seeing the coast of California,” she said.  

“I’ve had a few places offer me a full-time position, but I know I’m not done traveling yet.  There is still so much more to see.”  

While she’s traveling with Club Staffing, Lantz can continue to take advantage of free housing, travel reimbursements, free continuing education, health insurance and a comprehensive package of employment benefits.  


Warning: You, Too, May Become “Addicted” To Travel

Lantz says that travel is addicting. In fact, she isn’t just traveling to new assignments, but is now taking time to travel between assignments. She traveled to Europe for two weeks before her current assignment and is planning a cruise to Jamaica and Haiti following its conclusion.

“When I’m on vacation I travel with friends, but on assignments I explore places by myself,” she explained. “I do make friends on each assignment, but if they aren’t available, I don’t let that stop me. And it is nice to get away by myself sometimes.” 


Facing Challenges Successfully

Lantz says that some of the challenges that accompany allied travel jobs include being away from family and friends and adjusting to the ways things are done in a new work environment. But these situations also offer the opportunity for growth.

“Being in a new place and doing things differently can cause you to question yourself,” she stated. “I was second-guessing myself on this job, and then they asked me to extend my contract. So obviously I’m doing well if they want me to stay another 8 weeks.”

Advice To Other Travelers & Those Still On The Fence

As for offering advice to other allied travelers and potential travelers, Lantz says that is important to stay open-minded. And don’t doubt yourself. Your experience will go with you, and the recruitment team at Club Staffing is there to help.

“I love traveling and it has expanded my career so much!” she exuded. “I’ve met some lifelong friends along the way and I’m getting to see amazing places. Because of all the beauty I’ve been exposed to, I’ve taken up photography and hope to make scrapbooks and frame some of my best photos.”


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