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Meet Melissa Hurst, Finding Ideal Placements for Allied Travelers

New Jersey-based Club Staffing recruiter Melissa Hurst likes to dig a little deeper to discover what truly motivates her clinicians when evaluating new placement opportunities for them.

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“I try to talk to people on the phone as much as possible. Going through the entire process through email or text doesn’t really create the same level of awareness or trust as having an actual conversation does. Conversations are much more personal, and you have to dig a little deeper to find out what truly motivates each individual.”

Hurst considers Club Staffing’s training program to be outstanding, and says it has helped her be successful at placing travelers in the right travel therapy jobs, laboratory jobs and imaging jobs across the country. She also looks forward to someday becoming a mentor to other recruiters.

“I would really like to experience being on the other side of the training process in order to expand my job knowledge and perspective.”

In college, Hurst majored in business management, with a concentration in human resources. She rounded out her education with minors in Spanish and dance.

Most of my professional background and roles have been customer service-oriented. I really enjoy working with people, so the staffing aspect of human resources always interested me. I thrive in the competitive, fast-paced environment that professional recruiting offers.

Going the extra mile to help clinicians find career opportunities

Hurst sees her most important role to be serving as a career advisor for her clients. “Instead of being just an order taker, a recruiter has to advise and direct clinicians in order to keep a handle on her portfolio of clinicians. As a career advisor, you’re able to introduce your clinicians to positions and locations they may not have considered otherwise.”

When asked what travel allied healthcare professionals can do to distinguish themselves from other job candidates, Hurst answered, “I would definitely recommend picking up any and all pertinent certifications for your respective field. Also, be certain to stay true to yourself and let your personality shine through. Ninety-nine percent of our interviews are done by phone, so it’s important to really make yourself stand out.”

She also encourages Club Staffing clinicians to “have all their ducks in a row” before trying to secure an assignment.

“For the best outcome, it helps to know what you want in advance, but also to remain open to other possibilities,” she said. “Above all, be accessible and willing to work closely with your recruiter.”

Staying competitive with a recruiting job that fits

Hurst says her favorite part of being a Club Staffing recruiter is the friendly but competitive atmosphere; she and her fellow recruiters are all working to make successful placements on behalf of their allied travelers. They also have the support of a great team to assist with traveler licensing, housing, benefits and more.

“I have been a competitor all my life, so environments like this are where I feel most comfortable.” She also likes the fast pace in the recruiting field. “There is never a dull moment and it keeps me on my toes!”

When asked which strengths and talents are most important for a professional recruiter, Hurst revealed, “The ability to multitask and juggle numerous balls at the same time. You might come into the office expecting to get X, Y and Z accomplished, but a million other demands will emerge.”  Patience and a positive attitude are also important to tackle the unpredictable and keep moving forward, she added.

When she’s not working hard to find the perfect placement for her clinicians, Melissa coaches a competitive baton and dance program in New Jersey. “I spend most of my free time teaching lessons and attending competitions.”

Understanding the traveler mentality

Hurst also loves to travel, so she understands how the travel bug can motivate healthcare professionals to break away from the monotony, get out, and experience new work settings, places and cultures. In fact, she routinely taps her own travel experiences to strengthen the high quality customer service she delivers to her allied travelers.

She has traveled extensively in the United States and internationally, and has more trips on her radar.

“My favorite places I’ve already traveled to are Hawaii and St. Lucia. And I definitely have Greece and Australia on my bucket list!”


Send Melissa an e-mail or give her a call at (855) 866 7038, to find out about the current jobs she has available for allied health travelers with Club Staffing.

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