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Recruiter Corner May 11, 2017

Kasey Simons, Allied Recruiter, Wants to Get to Know You...and Make Your Allied Career Sizzle

Kasey Simons could be working today as a nurse or medical assistant. She always knew that she wanted a career in the healthcare industry. But luckily for all the allied health travelers who depend on her, Simons chose to follow her heart into the recruiting business.

Today Simons is a Senior Recruiting Consultant for Club Staffing, a position that she’s held for about a year. She finds the perfect placements for laboratory and therapy professionals who are eager to try a travel assignment.

But she doesn’t just find jobs for allied health travelers, she also helps them throughout the hiring and placement process. And later, she helps many of them find subsequent travel placements. In short, Kasey Simons is there for her travelers.

I would love to connect with you personally. Just call me directly at (855) 453-3150 or email me at Let's find your next great allied travel job together.


One of Simons’ top priorities is getting to know her travelers. “As a recruiter, it’s all about building a relationship,” she said.

Dedicating time to getting to know her travelers helps her learn about their goals and priorities, which helps her find the best placements for them.

“I know them. I know their back stories, when their kids are visiting them, when they’re going to a convention, what their birthdays are,” Simons said.

And they know that they can count on her. It’s reassuring for the travelers to know that someone knows them and cares about them and their best interests.

“I’m that friendly voice that they have to rely on. If they’re homesick, they can text, call or email me,” she said. “I can help them with a number of other issues, too, from scheduling to housing and payroll.”

Each traveler matters to Simons, and she makes a point of contacting them all regularly, just to say hello and see how things are going. “No matter how many travelers I get, I’m always checking in,” she said.

Plus, Simons loves to help her travelers find new assignments after one ends. But she doesn’t wait for the first 13-week assignment to draw to a close. She’s proactive, always keeping an eye out for great placements for her travelers. “I constantly watch end dates for my travelers, too,” she said. “Eight weeks out, I’m calling them.”

During that phone call, she asks them how they’re feeling about their current assignment? Do they like it? Would they be interested in extending for another 13 weeks, if that option is available? Would they like to go somewhere else entirely? Together, they talk about the situation and formulate a plan. Then, if appropriate, Simons watches for job prospects that match the traveler’s wishes, selects the best ones and contacts them again.

“I just make sure they’re comfortable where they’re going, and they are where they want to be,” she said.
For example, she recently placed a traveler on assignment in Alaska. It was completely new territory for this particular man—he even had to order a winter coat to take with him!—but she coached him through the adjustment process. They talked by phone nearly every day.

Another traveler called Simons regularly from assignment in Boston—and then again from her next assignment in Washington, DC. “I love living vicariously through them, hearing what they’re doing,” Simons said. “Not one day is boring.”

Want To Join Her?

Right now, Simons has travelers working in assignments all over the country—from Alaska and Hawaii to Florida, California, Texas and Wisconsin. Could you be her next traveler? Just call her at (855) 453-3150. What have you got to lose but lots of opportunities?

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