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Creating an Outstanding Cath Lab Tech Resume

Club Staffing caters to a significant number of available cath lab tech travel jobs. There can be 50 to 70 open positions at any one time, with that spiking at times up to 100.

“We did see a slight downturn in April 2020 to June 2020 regarding the number of cath lab tech positions available,” said Club Staffing Recruiter Annetra Walker-Shook. “But we are now booking at higher levels than pre-COVID due to elective procedures that were delayed during the pandemic and are now being performed.”

Great Time to Be a Cath Lab Tech

Today the cath lab tech field is growing, and the market is stronger than ever.

High job availability means plenty of great locations to choose from, including cutting-edge teaching or university facilities where techs can hone their skills.

Cath lab tech pay is typically excellent and sometimes the highest amongst other allied positions. But much of it depends on what hospitals are looking for, such as, does the cath lab tech scrub? Will they do IR and EP? Are they an ARRT or RCIS?

Although there are usually many positions available, competition for the higher-end paying cath lab positions remains very competitive. That’s why having an outstanding cath lab tech resume is critical to rising above the competition.

“Having a great resume is very important because our facilities are very fast-paced, and they want all the important information listed upfront, such as ARRT vs. RCIS, state licenses, EP, IR,

scrubbing, monitoring, equipment, and computer systems,” said Elena Gospodinova, Club Staffing recruiter. “Better resume equals fewer questions the recruiter and facility have to ask equals the quicker you get an offer.”

Club Staffing recruiter Jodi Schulefand said the more detailed the resume, the more interviews and offers you will get.

“Equipment and instrumentation used on your resume are essential to detail,” she said. “Facilities do not want to train a traveler. They want them to hit the ground running.”

Top Tips for an Outstanding Cath Lab Resume

To help cath lab techs in creating their outstanding resume, here is a list of top resume tips that Annetra, Elena, and Jodi compiled:

  1. Include your certifications (ARRT, RCIS, BLS, and ACLS and your state license) along with their expiration dates.

  1. Include a skills checklist. List the computer systems, equipment, and procedures that you have used at each facility. Make sure to add any recent experiences before submitting your resume.

  1. Detail your work history and experience for each relevant job. Make sure to describe the hospitals you worked at. Are they part of a university, a teaching hospital, or a Level I trauma center? Specify the Cath Lab areas you have worked on, such as scrub, ER, IR, and monitor.

  1. List contact information for references from each facility you’ve worked at and ask your references for permission to be contacted by potential employers.

  1. Detail your closing experience if you’ve had any. Some hospitals require it for call coverage.

Taking the time to create a highly desirable resume will put you on the path to getting one of the market’s hottest travel jobs. Then, you can enjoy pay that is typically above comparable permanent jobs; skill development by working with new equipment and new professionals, and exploring a part of the country you always wanted to see.

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