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By Club Staffing

Top Medical Laboratory Apps to Use in 2022

Putting Critical Resources in the Palm of Your Hand

As with any medical profession, working in a laboratory requires attention to detail and excellent organization to keep track of patient data and relevant information for a wide array of different conditions, on the go. Paired with day-to-day tasks on your plate already, accurately assessing your expanse of tests to find abnormalities can become a daunting undertaking.

This is where technology can be a huge asset, with an array of different mobile lab applications to keep you squared away, no matter where you are. These multi-faceted apps are user friendly and, most importantly, offer relevant and current materials to help make your job easier. To better inform you on the benefits they can provide, we’ve compiled a list of top lab apps for you explore this year.


Lab Gear continues to be one of the most reliable tools for medical laboratory tests, featuring peer reviewed resources for all healthcare professionals. Lab Gear offers lab professionals a vast library of medical lab test records, with associated diagnoses and related symptoms for each.

The app also includes fishbone schematics for preset testing panels to reference, paired with detailed summaries, high and low value differentials, and related symptoms. Lab Gear users can also bookmark specific pages, add notes, and jump to additional resources for future use.

Find Lab Gear on the Apple App Store and Google Play.

Calculate by QxMD

Calculate by QxMD is a cutting-edge clinical calculator and decision support tool, helping simplify diagnoses, clarify treatment options, and display prognoses through adaptive tools.

With a simple and easy to use interface, Calculate by QxMD automatically adapts to your specific clinical practice, providing over 200 unique calculators and decision tools to get you accurate answers at the touch of a finger—backed by detailed references with PubMed and Read integrations.

Find Calculate by QxMD on the Apple App Store and Google Play.

Merck Manual

As a medical professional, you are likely familiar with the oldest continuously published medical textbook, The Merck Manual of Diagnosis and Therapy. Trusted by medical professionals since 1899, The Merck Manual is an incredible reference tool, featuring explanations for thousands of conditions across medical fields.

You can leave your tome on the shelf, however, as Merck & Co has packed the endless collection of information into a free mobile app for on the go use. The app is continually updated by more than 350 academic physicians, so you’ll know the information you’re getting is always current and trustworthy.

Find Merck Manual on the Apple App Store and Google Play.

Lab Values Medical Reference

Lab Values is an all-encompassing medical lab reference tool, offering you three apps in one—lab reference values, a vast library of medical abbreviations, and medical prefixes/suffixes.

Boasting a user-friendly interface and categorized, alphabetically sorted information, Lab Values gives you the freedom to navigate through materials relevant to your practice. The app is also editable, allowing you to create and store your own lab values and edit previous ones under customized categories.

Find Lab Values on the Apple App Store and Google Play.

Resolution MD

Resolution MD is a medical imaging software, allowing healthcare providers to securely view patient images and reports from a variety of mobile devices, collaborate with other medical professionals, and diagnose remotely.

The software can be seamlessly integrated with any EMR and pairs with existing storage systems to give secure access across your facility or larger healthcare system, so you and your peers can discuss imaging results on the move.

Find Resolution MD on the Apple App Store.

We hope these apps are helpful assistants to your practice as you make a positive impact on your patients this year. Though they shouldn’t be used as a catch-all in place of your clinical expertise, they can be a convenient and practical compliment to support your decisions at the point of care.

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