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Allied News February 7, 2018

The Right Personality for Healthcare Travel Success

The team at Club Staffing often gets asked about what kind of people choose to work allied healthcare travel jobs. 

Are they young and just starting out in allied healthcare? In the prime of their careers? Empty-nesters getting ready to retire?

Yes, to all of the above.

Are healthcare travelers gregarious, outgoing, adventurous types? Or is there room for travel therapists, lab techs and imaging professionals who are quieter and more introverted?

Yes, and yes.

It takes all kinds

Healthcare facilities need all types of allied healthcare professionals, and, like any workplace, a good mix of personalities helps provide balance and welcome diversity. 

The hospitals, clinics, skilled nursing facilities, and other practices that we work with are primarily looking for talented professionals to fill in for staff vacancies. And our recruiters can attest to the fact that your skills, work ethic and attitude are more important to place you in these allied travel assignments than your personality type.

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“But what if I’m not that outgoing?"

It’s okay. Every new allied traveler experiences some hesitancy to leave the comfort of their hometown for the unknown—even those with “big” personalities that seem to have an abundance of confidence. But meeting new people is one of the most rewarding things you can do.

The good news is that the Club Staffing team is here to help you with every step in the process, and will find you an assignment that fits your travel, career and lifestyle goals. 

“Are hiring managers looking for certain personality traits?"

Managers looking for allied healthcare travelers aren’t looking for personality types, but they do tend to seek out certain traits. For instance, it’s important that a traveler demonstrates that he or she can learn and adapt quickly, and will maintain professionalism with the manager, staff and patients. 

Four important personality traits for travelers:

1.Clinical competency. First and foremost, the manager needs to know that you have the experience and skills to fulfill the job requirements and maintain the best patient outcomes. Don’t be afraid to ask the manager what his/her needs are during the phone interview and then explain how you can meet those needs. New graduate therapists can also be considered for many travel positions.

2. A strong work ethic. It’s fine to have an easygoing attitude, but you don’t want to come across as lazy. Starting with your interview and your first few days on the job, make it clear to the manager and your new colleagues that you are ready and willing to apply your skills, and that you will give this allied travel job your all.

3. Team "fit" and a Go Team! attitudeHiring managers also want to know that you will get along with the rest of their staff. That doesn’t mean you have to fit a certain mold or be a people pleaser, but showing that you can be diplomatic and are willing to work as a team player is very important. Start every encounter with a smile and a positive attitude, and remember you are there to fill a staffing need and provide the highest level of patient care possible. 

4. Confidence and flexibility. Allied travelers have to have a certain amount of confidence to come into a new place and adapt to new ways of doing things, but it isn’t your place to walk in and tell everyone how they should be doing things. Watch and learn—especially at the beginning of your assignment.

If you want to get placed in travel jobs, do your best to relax during your phone interview and let your personality shine through. Be friendly, interested and respectful. And be prepared.

Whether you are more of an extrovert or an introvert, you want to be seen as a confident professional who will get the job done. 

What new travelers can expect

All personality types can expect some butterflies on their first day of a new travel assignment. 

Be reassured that your recruiter can prepare you ahead of time and offer ongoing support. Your assignment facility will also offer an orientation to get you started and staff mentors and managers to help you succeed. 

Allied travel will also introduce you to lots of great healthcare professionals—with all different types of personalities. Some are likely to become lifelong friends. 

Meet some real allied healthcare travelers 

If you’d like to know more about the personalities and personal stories of allied travelers, we’ve got a few people you should meet. These are just a few of our Club Staffing travelers—representing a wide range of personalities and work styles—who have found the right formula for allied travel success:

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