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Packing Essentials for Your Next Allied Travel Assignment

So, you’ve booked your next assignment in your dream destination. Now that you know what lies ahead on your travel therapy adventures, it’s time to pack your bags! Packing for any length of time can be a tedious task, so where on earth do you start when preparing for a multi-month assignment? There’s no need to panic before you leave, we’ve got you covered! To help make packing a seamless process for you, we compiled a list of some packing essentials to cross off of your list—we even enlisted the help of some fellow travelers to share their must-have items while on the road. 

Clothing Options for All Seasons

No matter where you’re headed—whether it’s the beaches of San Diego or the frozen tundra—you can never be too prepared for what mother nature might throw at you. Of course, you’ll want to pack most of your day-to-day clothing to favor the climate of your new home but having something for every season will ensure that you don’t have to scramble in case of unexpected weather. Being prepared for anything will also come in handy if you decide to take any trips before, during, or after your assignment!

Gear for Your Favorite Activities

Whether you are an avid outdoor adventurer or a casual enthusiast looking to try new activities while on assignment, packing the proper gear is crucial for your enjoyment and safety. Hiking and camping gear are among the crowd favorites for any travel location, but you can also research the unique activities your destination has to offer. We understand that gear is no small expense—so, if you are working within a budget, you can always find gear swaps and second-hand equipment before you leave.

A Taste of Home

This packing essential is certainly subjective—everyone has their own unique items or accents that remind them of home! Whatever your personal taste(s) of home—plants, pictures, artwork, or your lucky teapot—they can help alleviate any potential nerves about traveling to a new place far away or be a comfort to you if you’re ever feeling homesick.

Personal Entertainment Favorites

Traveling the country can be entertaining enough but having a couple of tricks up your sleeve will ensure you’re never stuck twiddling your thumbs. Pack a few of your beloved books (or those you’ve been meaning to read), board games, journals, and anything else you’ll enjoy doing in your downtime between shifts. Make sure to save the passwords for your favorite streaming platforms, too!

A Satellite GPS or Maps (If You’re Feeling Extra Adventurous)

This is more applicable if you are driving a long distance to your next travel assignment. If you are choosing to take a road trip to your new home, you can’t always rely on Google Maps or your cell phone to get you where you need to go. In case of any lapses in cell signal, having a satellite GPS or paper maps to guide you can be crucial in keeping you on course. Whatever backup method you use, you’ll never have to worry about taking a wrong turn or running out of gas on the open road.

BONUS: Must-Have Items According to Your Fellow Travelers

  • Camera, tripod, and hiking gear. Also, a humidifier for allergies
  • Measured my car space & bought a variety of totes to stack—If it doesn't fit it doesn't go!
  • Spices, power strip, and travel size scale
  • Portable washer/dryer if your housing does have any—so worth the $100.
  • Waffle maker and hiking gear
  • Workout equipment, camping gear, my weighted blanket, and my foam mattress topper
  • My own sheets/blankets and towels—even before covid :)

If you include these essentials when packing, you’ll be smooth sailing to your new assignment with one less task on your to-do list. Use this list as a guideline for covering all of the basics but don’t forget to get creative when the time comes—you are headed to your new home, after all!

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