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Five Ways to Stay Connected Over the Holidays While Working as an Allied Traveler

Traveling for short-term allied healthcare jobs offers a number of perks, but working away from home can be taxing--especially over the holidays. The stresses of the season can lead to exhaustion, followed by feelings of resentment because we’re unable to spend holiday moments with those we love. Although nothing can replace cherished time spent with family and friends, there are many ways to stay connected while on assignment this holiday season. Learn more about staying connected below.


1. Make the most of technology. These days, most smartphones, computers and tablets come with a video chat app like Facetime or Skype already installed, or similar apps can be downloaded for free. These apps enable virtual face-to-face contact with friends and family around the country, or even around the world. Options like GroupMe and Telegram can even accommodate group chats with up to 200 contacts at once.

Tip: Schedule your “virtual visits” with family and friends in advance so everyone can make certain they have compatible apps and the latest versions already installed on their devices.

If you don’t have time for video chats, take advantage of apps like Tasker, Automagic Automation or WakePoint, which automatically send texts or emails based on pre-set conditions. For instance, you can set your phone to send a “Happy New Year!” text to a group of friends at the stroke of midnight on New Year’s Eve.

2. Or, ditch technology altogether. Nothing says “I love you” more than taking time to select a traditional greeting card, attach a stamp and send it via “snail mail.” In the era of texts, e-cards and Facebook postings, reaching out the old-fashioned way lets those you love most know how special they are. Take the time to personalize your cards with a handwritten message, and include photos if you can.

Tip: To avoid scratch-outs, write a rough draft of what you want to say (on your computer or a piece of paper), refine it and then copy the final version onto the greeting card. And mail holiday greeting cards at least 2 weeks in advance to ensure prompt delivery.

3. Create a “surrogate” family. Counter the effects of missing loved ones by seeking out fellow travelers, colleagues and others nearby who are in the same boat; then plan a casual meet-up and savor the joys of the holiday season together. Even if it’s just sharing a quick take-out dinner or a few baked goodies in the breakroom, interacting with others can really brighten your mood.

4. Shop online. If you missed Cyber Monday, there is still time to send gifts to loved ones with relative ease and efficiency. Most online vendors have dramatically improved their user interfaces and return procedures in recent years, so this approach is simpler than ever before. With a point, a click and a credit card, you can show your thoughtfulness and ensure that gifts are delivered to your family and friends.

Tip: Use the personal message option, if available, and choose only reputable online vendors to keep your credit card and personal identity safe.

5. Share moments and memories. We all have digital photos of family and friends that others haven’t seen, so take a few minutes, dig them up and share them for the holidays. It’s another great way to let people know you’re thinking about them.

Tip: Attach photos to an email or text message, post on a site like Facebook, Pinterest, or Instagram, or create a slideshow using one of the many free apps available; you can even set the mood by adding your favorite music. Another idea: Print out a photo, add a frame and you have a perfect gift for loved ones to unwrap.

Club Staffing wants to ensure you take advantage of all the resources, tools and tips available to help reduce stress while working away from home during the holiday season. For more help, please reach out to your recruiter.

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