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Allied News October 4, 2018

By Tiffany Aller

Allied Healthcare Travel Jobs for Retired Clinicians

Your retirement years are a time to enjoy your family and friends, dive into hobbies your career may not have left time for and escape life’s fast lane. Right? Maybe not.

Despite lovely pictorials that show delightful seniors lounging and enjoying the good life, that slower pace and total removal from the career you spent years building may not be the way to live your best life. Instead, consider adventuring through this season of your life and taking your valuable workplace skills on the road.


The healthcare jobs for retirees you explore may take you to far-away places you’ve always wanted to visit or help you relocate temporarily near family and friends or try out new experiences on a short-term basis.

Begin investigating where your future adventures may take you at ClubStaffing. Learn how lucrative travel healthcare jobs can be, view the full breadth of jobs that span the nation and plot out this next big step in your life.

Keeping your brain busy also keeps you younger

While the lure of downtime and a release from schedules can certainly be attractive, especially if you, like many of your healthcare peers, neglected self-care and downtime during your career, it may not be the best thing for your brain. A recent study of adults from age 50 through 89 shows that continued brain engagement and maintaining a manageably busy life can have an enormous positive impact on your brain.

As a healthcare professional, you may have observed this phenomenon yourself in the workplace. And now, when you take on short-term allied jobs that take you to locations across the country, you can experience the positive results for yourself. You already have the background and training necessary for success in seeking healthcare jobs for retirees — now you just need to click start on your adventure.

Bolster your finances while exploring the country
You’ve worked hard for every penny that you receive in retirement, be it from 401(k)s, pension funds, annuities or social security. Now, with time you invest in short-term contract healthcare jobs, you can further bolster your finances.

If your sole retirement income is social security, remember that the government will allow you to continue earning other income dollars without docking your benefits, and some of those dollars may not be subject to income tax. The money you earn in retirement can serve to earn you a higher social security check in the future, which is especially helpful if your current check has been reduced if you are below full retirement age.

Even if you have other retirement income streams, you may not be subject to the same income taxes as before, especially if your IRA or other fund dollars came from post-tax earnings. Speak with a qualified financial advisor to run the relevant numbers and then make your next call to one of our recruiters so we can help launch your new retiree healthcare career in the locale of your choice.

Whether you would like to try out a new geographic location you’ve never before visited or your family has relocated and you’d like a lucrative way to visit them for a while, healthcare jobs for retirees in the allied fields can be a great way to stay active, earn attractive paychecks and go on a grand adventure.


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