Five Perfect Autumn Locations for Travel Assignments

Can you taste the pumpkin spice? Okay, maybe it’s a little too early for that—but it’s the perfect time to start looking at some of our most in-demand fall destinations for respiratory, lab, sonographer, and CT Tech jobs! Whether you want to bring on the changing seasons or keep summer shining, explore these amazing destinations to find your next assignment.

For Those Who Want to Keep Summer Alive


It’s called the Sunshine State for a reason—summer never truly ends in Florida! If you don’t feel like you’ve had enough of the warm weather to carry you through the year, Florida is the perfect destination to ease your mind as you sink your toes in the sand. Boasting breathtaking beaches from the Atlantic to the Gulf Coast, along with a vibrant inland environment, Florida has you covered—just remember to bring the sunscreen.

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Being so vast, California can offer you the best of both worlds when seeking out your next assignment. Venturing to the southern part of the state will give you access to premium summer coastline, speckled with surfside metropolises like San Diego and Los Angeles and rife with warm-weather activities to try. Cruising further up the state, past San Francisco and beyond, you’ll taste the more seasonal effects that fall offers—the cooler temperatures and turning leaves in Northern California helping you feel right at home.

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For Those Who Want to Bring on the Foliage


To the spectacular Pacific Northwest, we go! While Oregon is a natural marvel the whole year round, the state ups its game even further as fall rolls in. You might find yourself in Portland for a tour of one of its many renowned breweries or steeping yourself in the outdoor wonderland that is Bend—or Hiking Mt. Hood—or gazing at the falls of the Columbia River Gorge! There is almost too much to experience in Oregon to wrap your head around. You just have to see it to believe why so many travelers are making it their home. P.S., there is also foliage.

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New York

Ah, yes—fall in the northeast. There’s nothing quite like it. As temperatures drop to a brisk consistency, you will bear witness to gorgeous landscapes of foliage, stretching from the heart of New York City to the rustic reaches of upstate. Whether your ideal autumn day includes a hot beverage on a bustling city street or a long, scenic hike through orchards and (highly Instagrammable) vistas, New York has a destination to keep you cozy.

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Just a short trek down I-84, you’ll find yourself nestled in the heart of Pennsylvania—where the foliage continues to awe throughout the fall. There will be a sea of green if you stop in Philadelphia as the city gears up for Eagles football—but if sports aren’t your thing, there are abundant activities to keep you busy until winter in one of our country’s most historic places. If you’re looking to take a hike away from Philly, the Poconos and surrounding national forest land are your perfect backdrop for a fall escape.

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Are you ready for the pumpkin spice yet? We certainly are! We’ll be ordering ours while you immerse yourself in each of these fall destinations to find your new home.

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