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By Moira K. McGhee, contributor

Certified Respiratory Tech Jobs in Hawaii

The demand for certified respiratory technicians continues to rise, which puts talented techs on a precipice of continued growth and job stability for years to come. The American Association for Respiratory Care emphasizes that the need for qualified respiratory techs has never been higher, and the Bureau of Labor Statistics agrees the outlook includes a faster-than-average job growth expected. Make a lasting difference in patients' lives in a location that can be best described as absolute paradise.

Respiratory Tech Job Opportunities In Hawaii

According to the BLS, the annual mean wage in Hawaii for respiratory therapists is $71,460. When you factor in the potential for higher pay and zero housing costs with travel tech jobs, you'll discover lucrative job opportunities. Job prospects are best for certified respiratory technicians willing to travel for job opportunities. What better place to land than the Aloha State? Made up entirely of islands, Hawaii is the largest and dubbed the Big Island, which is followed by Maui and Oahu in terms of size. All the islands offer stunning sand beaches, enticing tropical climates and amazing views that really draw you in.

Find better job opportunities with respiratory travel tech jobs at Club Staffing, and visit exciting locales like Hawaii or one of the many other island paradises.


Experience Endless Summers

Probably the biggest appeal of working in Hawaii is the year-round gorgeous weather. No need to worry about catching cold in bitter winter months, frantically shoveling snow from your driveway to get work on time, maneuvering on icy roads or enduring freeze warnings. Temperatures range between the 70s and the mid-80s no matter the season. Enjoy an endless summer that lets you sit on the beach in a bikini or take a dip in the ocean on amazing warm nights. Even when it rains, it still isn't cold. If you're looking for a sunny state for your next assignment, Hawaii has some of the best weather you'll find anywhere.

The Islands Are Diverse

One of the many benefits of respiratory travel jobs is finding new and interesting things to do, and there's always something unique waiting for you on the islands. While you'll find plenty of sugar-sand beaches, Hawaii also offers a surprisingly diverse ecosystem and culture. Discover totally different worlds, from active volcanoes to dense rain forests, within a few miles of each other. Working in Hawaii is an unforgettable experience because it's like nowhere else in the country.

Unique Activities

Treat yourself to a feast at a luau, which offers an evening of delicious food, music and performers in exotic costumes for your entertainment pleasure. Head to the marina for a boat tour, and see humpback whales off the coast with guaranteed sightings offered by most tour companies. If you're a history buff, tour the USS Arizona Memorial and revisit one of the most famous events in American history. The memorial honors the military and civilian personnel killed during the Japanese air attacks at Pearl Harbor.

Embrace An Active Lifestyle

Take advantage of the weather with outdoor adventures that offer challenging new things to try. Your outdoor entertainment runs the gamut with hiking, camping, surfing, snorkeling, kayaking and paddle boarding all available. Hikes come with the most amazing ocean views following an exciting trek up majestic tropical cliffs. When you embrace this active lifestyle, you'll discover one reason why Hawaii is the least stressed and most happy states in the nation.

Snake-Free Zone

While enjoying the great outdoors in Hawaii, you won't to worry about venomous snakes that like to hide along hiking trails in other states. One snake makes Hawaii its home, the Brahminy blind snake, which is more of a worm-like creature. This snake's diet consists of the eggs, larvae and pupae of ants and termites, and it poses absolutely no threat to humans. Otherwise, there aren't any native snakes in Hawaii, and it's illegal to own pet snakes in the islands. The Hawaii Department of Agriculture takes every precaution to keep the islands snake free and prevent snakes from establishing themselves, especially the highly invasive brown tree snake that nearly wiped out Guam's bird species.

Wrapping up all the great reasons to consider travel certified respiratory tech jobs in Hawaii is the opportunity for a staycation in paradise. You won't miss your family and friends or worry about flying back on vacations because, when you live in Hawaii, they'll come to see you and the awe-inspiring island views.


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