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Allied Destinations December 8, 2018

By Brook Jillings

3 Winter Wonderlands for Allied Travel: Connecticut, Rhode Island and Vermont

Allied healthcare clinicians considering allied travel jobs in Rhode Island, Vermont, and Connecticut can look forward to a rich cultural history, stunning seasonal changes, and holidays celebrated with all the nostalgia the East Coast offers.

Making memories with new East Coast friends is easy with all the area has to offer. If you're looking at allied travel jobs in one of these three states, find out more about what each state offers so you can get the most out of your professional travels.

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Allied Travel Jobs in Rhode Island

Rhode Island is a tiny state that makes a big impact and is home to beautiful coastal property like Newport Beach and a variety of attractions. Historic lighthouses line the Atlantic waters, and much of the forest land that makes up half the state has been classified as protected, ensuring its preservation for future generations. Average winter highs in the state can get as low as 40 degrees Fahrenheit, and it's not uncommon to see snow, even on the coastline. Fall is especially beautiful, with thousands of native trees turning every autumn color imaginable.

Allied Travel Jobs in Vermont

Vermont is known for its winter recreation and has a number of ski resorts considered must-visit destinations for snow-lovers. Several historic sites offer visitors a glimpse into the state's rich history, and local maple syrup farms are available to satisfy a sweet tooth. The area experiences colder temperatures with summer highs hovering around 80 degrees Fahrenheit and winter highs dropping to 30 degrees. Autumn leaf changes in Vermont attract visitors from around the country.

Allied Travel Jobs in Connecticut

Connecticut is a great place to learn about the birth of our country as you wander through the state's colonial villages. The area is filled with museums, and the coastline offers relaxation and recreation activities. The state's climate is humid with low winter temperatures that hover in the 40s and frequent northwest snowfall. As in much of the northeast, the changing of leaves in the fall creates a stunning display.

Holiday in these States

Whatever time of the year your visit falls in, holidays in the New England area are a special occasion. As home to the states surrounding Plymouth Rock, celebrations for Thanksgiving are an important tradition, helping keep alive the area's history. The important role of the original 13 colonies in the Revolutionary War makes the 4th of July events especially meaningful. Christmas, perhaps more than any other holiday, is celebrated with an enthusiasm not easily matched in the rest of the country. Stunning holiday lights, lively Christmas festivals, and nostalgic displays on historic colonial structures make New England one of the best places to be on Christmas.


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