• Cath Lab Tech Travel Jobs: Adventure is Calling

    Cath lab tech travel jobs put you in control of your career destiny. Imagine the flexibility of working in 13 week or longer contracts in exclusive facilities across the country. It's so easy to get started with complete recruiter support, amazing DAY ONE benefits, and provided housing. If you can imagine exploring the country while working in cath lab tech travel jobs in both rural and metropolitan communities, you're an ideal candidate. There's no time like the present.

    How much is a Cath Lab Technologist Travel Salary in 2020? $52.00-$62.00/hr.

    Cath lab technologist who travel with Club Staffing make between $52.00-$62.00/hr.* with Club Staffing. And, you'll get to work in exclusive facilities where other candidates can't even reach hiring managers.. Short-term and long-term contracts of 13 weeks really give you the chance to explore, and there's always the option to stay in a facility or area you like if you want to extend. What are you waiting for? Grab the brass ring now.

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    Cath Lab Technologist Travel Jobs: Excellent Benefits and Perks

    • DAY ONE medical, dental, life and prof. liability insurance
    • Prearranged housing or a housing stipend if prefer to arrange your own
    • 401k/retirement savings plan that allows contributions of up to $17,500/yr.
    • Travel reimbursement to your assignment
    • Housing, payroll and career specialists ready to help
    • Family and friends are welcome to join you

    (*Disclaimer: Wages for cath lab technologist travel jobs are based on average rates and may be impacted by facility budgets and seasonality and may include a combination of taxable and non-taxable earnings and reimbursements.)

  • Cath Lab Tech Travel Jobs: Up to $62.00/hr. Start Now.

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