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Cardiovascular technologist jobs opportunities are multiplying in locations throughout the country — in travel, per diem and permanent capacities. To meet this demand, Club Staffing provides qualified candidates with an expanding variety of cardiovascular tech jobs that better match their skills and lifestyle needs.

Looking for cardiovascular tech jobs? We can connect you with more cardiovascular tech job prospects than any other allied staffing company, thanks to our status as a company of AMN Healthcare, the nation’s largest network of healthcare professionals.


Cardiovascular technologist jobs involve working with diagnostic cardiology equipment and caring for patients in very delicate and sometimes unstable conditions. With specialties including vascular technology, invasive cardiology and echocardiography or noninvasive cardiology, cardiovascular tech jobs also generally require monitoring data and setting up and transferring heavy medical equipment.

Cardiovascular technologist jobs require a current license and certification as well as a degree from an accredited education program (associate’s or bachelor’s). Additional certifications are available for advanced levels of cardiovascular technologist jobs. Club Staffing help candidates handle paperwork for privileging, licensure and insurance.

Cardiovascular technologist salary rates fluctuate according to experience, certifications and location — but typically average approximately $53,050 per year or $25.51 per hour, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Advanced cardiovascular tech jobs that require additional experience and training frequently offer higher salary rates. All salary estimates are taken from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Retrieved June 17, 2013.

Club Staffing offers cardiovascular tech job seekers and facilities staffing cardiovascular technologists with access to the AMN Healthcare network — the largest network of nurses, clinicians and physicians in the country. Our friendly team of expert recruiters, quality assurance analysts and clinical liaisons is dedicated to ensuring that each candidate has the licensing and insurance he or she needs for jobs in all states. You also get a comprehensive benefits package that includes free housing on travel assignments.

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