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The Top 5 Most In-Demand Allied Travel Disciplines

January 22, 2021

RRTs are the single most in-demand allied specialty

As we push into 2021, the fight again COVID-19 rages on. The healthcare system is demanding a clear set of skills and allied disciplines to continue turning the tide of the pandemic—namely Respiratory Therapists, Medical Technologists, and Medical Lab Technicians. Many of these disciplines are seeing opportunities for elevated pay as a result, especially in areas with high demand. If you currently work in one of these in-demand disciplines, exploring a travel contract has the potential of being a highly lucrative endeavor for you. Read more to learn how COVID-19 is affecting your discipline and where the demand is the highest.

Registered Respiratory Therapists and Certified Respiratory Therapists

While RRTs are the single most in-demand specialty across allied disciplines, CRTs are not far behind.  Health systems across the nation are looking for talented RRTs and CRTs to administer the respiratory therapy that patients need to recover. RRTs and CRT pay rates are especially elevated during this time due to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Highest Demand RRT States: California, Florida, Georgia, and Texas

Highest Demand CRT States: California, Florida, Texas, and Maryland


SLP demand has remained throughout the pandemic

Speech-Language Pathologists

Demand for SLPs has remained steady prior to and during the COVID-19 pandemic. This allied discipline can take advantage of highly competitive compensation and a plethora of open SLP jobs across the nation in a wide variety of settings, including xchools, SNFs, acute, outpatient, and more.  

Highest Demand School Setting States: Florida, California, Colorado, and Georgia

Highest Demand Medical Setting States: Texas, California, Massachusetts, and North Carolina


Med techs are urgently needed in 2021

Medical Technologists and Medical Laboratory Technicians

Medical Technologists and Med Lab Technicians are urgently needed to conduct laboratory procedures, testing, and analysis. Physicians use these lab results to diagnose and treat patients across the nation. This discipline is a critical component in the acute setting and healthcare systems are paying a premium for the skillset. 

Highest Demand Lab Setting States: Florida, California, Texas, Ohio, and Pennsylvania


CT Techs are in high demand in 2021

CT Technologists

Computed Tomography Technologists are highly sought after to conduct the vital CT scans needed in order to assess patients’ internal medical issues and diagnose diseases. Currently, CT Techs are most in-demand in acute settings across the nation. 

Highest Demand CT Tech States: California, Massachusetts, Washington, Texas, and Maryland


Demand and pay rates are high for cath lab techs

Cath Lab Technologists

Cath Lab Techs assist physicians with running tests and invasive cardiovascular procedures like angioplasty, catherization, and electrophysiology. This skill is currently in high demand at facilities across the United States and is one of the highest paying allied disciplines. 

Highest Demand Cath Lab Tech States: Florida, California, Texas, and Washington


These specific allied opportunities are in high demand for a reason. If you are interested in travel and wish to explore a contract for your discipline, not only will you be gaining valuable experience and higher earning potential but also making a direct impact on the effort to fight COVID-19. 

Don’t have a license in hand for a state you’re interested in? We can help. Many states are fast-tracking licensing currently! Talk to your recruiter today about our licensing and reimbursement services. 

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