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Patient Dedication Earns RRT Traveler the Allied Achiever Award

March 01, 2019

Allied Achiever Winner for 2019

Respiratory therapist goes above and beyond in delivering patient care

While on assignment for Club Staffing at Maine Medical, Registered Respiratory Therapist Traci Broadnax, BSTraci Broadnax - Allied Achiever 3 RRT, from Philadelphia, never missed a day of work, even during fierce New England snow storms. And this dedication was also shown to every one of her patients.

“There was a lady on a ventilator who every morning we had to come in and put her lipstick on,” Traci said. “She was so sweet. I like helping people. It’s as simple as that. People say thank you and they can breath when you leave.”

Maine Medical’s Director of Respiratory Therapy appreciated Traci’s diligence and outstanding bedside manner so much that she nominated her for AMN Healthcare/Club Staffing’s Allied Achiever Award.

Traci received the coveted prize while on assignment at a Boston hospital. She said she was surprised, honored and humbled when Dan Kosoff, Senior Account Manager for Club Staffing, presented her with the award.

Watch Traci's Reaction

“Traci is an amazing traveler — one of our best,” said Andrea Polito, her recruiter and regional vice president of allied health for Club Staffing. “She is always upbeat and friendly. Traci has a very positive attitude all of the time. No matter how stressful a travel position can be she takes it all in stride.”

Putting the Travel in Traveler
Ten years ago, Traci was working at a Pennsylvania hospital, where she met a nurse from Iowa. Interested in how an Iowan ended up working in Pennsylvania, Traci inquired. The nurse told Traci that she was a traveler.

Traci Broadnax - Allied Achiever 2When she got home from the hospital, Traci googled about traveling as a healthcare professional — and landed on the Club Staffing website. Ten years later she is getting ready to start her 13th assignment, in Connecticut, and visit her 20th country, Greece, which is made possible by being able to make her own schedule. 

Traci’s first assignment and one of her most memorable was in Hawaii. Since then she has visited 35 states. When she gets a new assignment, the first thing Traci does is google for things to do in her assignment area — and then she does them. This includes riding a trolly in San Fransisco, visiting beautiful Venice, Italy, snowshoeing and spelunking in Colorado, glacier hiking in Alaska, standing among the Terra Cotta Warriors in China, backpacking in Europe and attending her first rodeo in Arizona.

When asked what’s next, Traci said, “Well I’ve done 35 states, and I’ve got to get to all 50.” At home in Philly, where she lives with her sister, Angela, and her cat, Tiffany Tayor, Traci has a map of the world, which currently has push pins in 35 states and 19 countries.

Professional growth
Along with all her amazing adventures, Traci said traveling has helped her grow her skills. After 35 years in theTraci Broadnax - Allied Achiever business, she said every assignment is an educational opportunity.

“Meeting new people at work is always nice, and seeing how somebody else does respiratory in different places is important,” she said. “Respiratory is respiratory — air goes in, air goes out — but how people do it differently with different equipment is a learning experience. I can't tell you how many pieces of equipment I have seen that I would have never seen if I had worked in only one place.”

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