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Meet Kristine Mallin, Opening Doors for Allied Health Travelers

Club Staffing Team | February 01, 2018

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As an avid traveler, Club Staffing senior recruiter Kristine Mallin’s favorite part of her job is getting to experience her allied health clinicians’ travels vicariously, through their stories and daily interactions.

“I love hearing all the experiences my travelers encounter during their assignments--from finding love and trying something new, to meeting lifelong friends, and even the hiccups that might happen along the way,” she said.

Kristine Mallin, senior recruiter for Club Staffing, specializes in allied health therapy jobs.

Mallin specializes in allied therapy job placements; she also oversees recruitment for exclusive therapy jobs at facilities that partner with Club Staffing, an AMN Healthcare company, for workforce management services. She brings years of human resources knowledge and extensive travel experiences to bear in helping allied jobseekers find exciting new challenges in a variety of settings and locales.


Helping travelers navigate, from A to Z

Mallin’s friendliness and enthusiasm for helping allied travelers find the ideal job based on their personal and professional goals really shines through. Once the right job is found and contracted, she helps travelers get ready for their assignment--coordinating everything from licensing and housing to first-day instructions. She’s also there to lend support when they are on assignment.

Mallin’s hard work, caring and dedication to her clients have garnered her a number of professional honors and awards, including being named the company’s Healthcare Recruiter of the Year twice in Healthcare Traveler magazine.

She credits her passion for travel with giving her an edge when helping traveling clinicians navigate through new allied health jobs in new locations.

“I love to travel and have been all over the world, so I have a strong understanding of how overwhelmed therapists might feel going into a new state or city for the first time. I reassure my travelers that I am with them every step of the way, allowing them to call me any day or night (even weekends!) to ensure they feel supported.”

Sharing the travel experience

“My travelers become friends during their assignments. They call me when they accomplish something in their respective field(s), and they send me pictures of their adventures so I’m right there with them! What’s not to love about that?”

When asked what allied healthcare professionals can do to distinguish themselves from other jobseekers, Kristine shared, “Fill out the application completely, adding every location where you might want to work now or in the future. And be certain your résumé and list of references are both ready. The jobs move quickly, and I don’t want anyone to miss out on an opportunity because we didn’t have everything 100 percent complete.”

“Remain open to suggestions,” she added. “Always keep your recruiter in the loop about how you’re feeling and what you need, and trust us when we offer suggestions. We’re here to look out for your best interest!”

The expertise to help launch allied travel careers

Some allied health job opportunities may be obvious matches; others are not. Mallin takes pride in helping her clients identify compelling opportunities that they might not recognize at first as a good fit.

“One time I spoke with an early career occupational therapist from New York who wanted to go to Denver. We worked together for months, but no opportunities materialized. When a hospital job in Montrose, Colo., eventually opened up, I persuaded her to interview. Although she loved the job and the money was great, she initially turned it down.” Yet, Mallin persisted because she had a strong feeling her traveler would like the assignment and could visit Denver while she gained experience.

The OT accepted the job, then extended the contract, and six months later transferred to a hospital in Denver for a permanent position. She wrote a letter to the company’s president, praising Mallin for listening to her concerns and working with her to ultimately achieve her dream job in her dream location.

Personal pursuits

When she’s not working hard to help allied health professionals find their next career opportunity, Mallin coaches her women’s rugby team, plays coed softball, and looks forward to completing a rowing race and a triathlon in the near future. She continues to enjoy her own travel adventures, especially to warm places with sandy beaches, and stays involved with various community service efforts.

Send Kristine an e-mail or give her a call at (203) 834-3080, to find out about the current jobs she has available for allied health travelers with Club Staffing.

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