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Meet Cheyenne Pickett, Healthcare Recruiter Focused on Customer Service

October 16, 2020

Club Staffing recruiter Cheyenne Pickett

Club Staffing recruiter Cheyenne Pickett knows that customer service is critical to forming great relationships and meeting the needs of her allied healthcare travelers.

“Patience is crucial to understanding that we work with novice-to-veteran healthcare professionals, and everyone’s situation is different,” she said. “Traveling is certainly exciting, yet fearful, as even seasoned travelers are going into unknown areas and situations. There are a lot of questions that come along the way, and we are here to support and guide everyone and make the process as seamless as possible.”

Cheyenne noted that the ability to multitask is imperative when it comes to getting travelers on-boarded because there are so many moving parts within the recruiting process.

“While we are making sure we are as detailed as possible from all angles, we are there to assist our supporting departments, such as credentialing, licensing, and payroll, to get everyone compliant for each assignment,” she said. 

Throughout the process, Cheyenne promises transparency to her travelers, explaining all aspects of the assignment, including the good, the bad and the unexpected.

“My role is to listen, understand and guide,” she said. “Recruiters are here to be advocates and supporters through the entire process. We are a team, and our travelers are not alone.”

Cheyenne proudly builds her traveler relationships on a foundation of trust and integrity. These traits help deliver what’s most important to her: guiding travelers to new opportunities that are well suited for them, developing long-lasting relationships along the way, and hearing success stories from the travelers and the facilities where they are assigned.

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Demonstrated excellence in recruiting

Cheyenne was referred to Club Staffing by a close family friend who knew of her extensive customer service background. She started recruiting for the company in January 2018, received the Rookie of the Year Award, and then followed that up with the 2019 Impact Player of the Year Award. 

Today she staffs all modalities within allied healthcare travel, with a broad range of professionals, focusing on laboratory, respiratory therapy, sonography and radiology.

Cheyenne’s top 10 list for onboarding and beyond

Part of Cheyenne’s success is her thorough client process, which includes:

1.   Introducing herself and learning what piqued her candidate’s interest in traveling. For seasoned travelers, she pinpoints their goals, expectations and requests for their next adventure. 

2.   Explaining all steps in the process of healthcare travel, from start to finish. 

3.   Building a detailed profile of each candidate to emphasize strengths within their skillset.

4.   Finding suitable assignments, prepping candidates for interviews and covering all aspects of the facilities’ requirements.

5.   Explaining pay packages and benefit options.

6.   Explaining each job offer and the facility’s expectations.

7.   Upon acceptance, gathering information to help assist supporting departments through credentialing – medical, background, licensing, payroll, etc.

8.   Remaining as the main point of contact and constant support through on-boarding.

9.   Routinely checking in with travelers once they start, and until their assignment ends.

10.   Preparing each traveler for the next adventure, or an assignment extension at his or her current facility within 4 to 6 weeks of the original end date.

Working with accomplished travelers

Cheyenne has placed many allied health travelers over the last few years, but a few stand out as examples of what people can accomplish with determination and hard work.

“Genia is a well-versed sonographer with over 20 years of experience in ultrasound,” Cheyenne said. “When we met a couple of years ago, she was anxious to get started in her traveling career, but we had one barrier: Genia was in the middle of studying for her registry and had not taken the exam yet, as it wasn’t needed at her present job. Genia had the knowledge, experience, a go-getter attitude, and the willingness to help, so all we needed was that official ARDMS green light.”

“We stayed in touch through months of studying, and she did it!” Cheyenne continued. “From there, job offers from facilities were flying in for her, and she hasn’t looked back since. Genia stuck to it and has been extended through each assignment with several compliments from leaders and colleagues.”

Last year, Cheyenne also had the honor of presenting the 2019 Allied Achiever Award to Jalisa Foulds, an exceptional medical technologist who has been traveling with Club Staffing since 2017. 

“Jalisa was nominated after wrapping up a year assignment with a prestigious hospital in Washington, DC, serving as a Level 1 blood bank tech,” said Cheyenne. “From the moment I met Jalisa, I quickly understood why our facilities so highly regarded her. Jalisa works well under pressure, is always reliable and well-respected by her colleagues, and is extremely dedicated to patient care.”

“It’s truly a pleasure working with her on both a professional and personal level. Jalisa is a prime example of what AMN/Club Staffing is seeking in a healthcare traveler,” she concluded.

Allied travel recruiter Cheyenne Pickett recommends new job candidates stick with it

Advice for allied health travelers

Cheyenne said that travelers like Genia and Jalisa are successful because they are adaptable to unknown situations, flexible, team players, clear communicators, willing to learn and open-minded.

Her advice to potential Club Staffing job candidates: “Stick with it. Use resources to help ease the process and find a recruiter who has your best interest in mind. As a recruiter, I fully understand that the travel world may be nerve-racking, but the reward is well worth it.”

When Cheyenne is not at work, you will likely find her hiking, kayaking, boating or finding another way to enjoy the great outdoors. Like many of her travelers, she enjoys the adventure of living life to the fullest. 


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