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How to Make Friends When You are on Allied Travel Jobs in a New City

Michael O’Leary | February 01, 2018



While allied healthcare travel jobs offer incredible opportunities to meet and work with professionals in your field all over the country, keeping those friends can be a challenge.

Whether you are a clinical lab scientist, physical therapist, cath lab tech, or speech language pathologist, you might CONSIDER your career options with allied travel jobs from Club Staffing as a way to build your professional network and form lifelong friends. Seasoned allied travel professionals all have different ways to meet and keep friends on their various allied healthcare travel jobs, but some common strategies emerge whenever allied healthcare professionals discuss this challenge. The three keys they speak of are:

1) Getting to know coworkers

Whenever you are a new allied healthcare professional in a new and unfamiliar work setting, there will always be people working there that will reach out to welcome you. Don’t ignore the opportunity to get to know them. The key to making friends anywhere is to listen and ask questions. When meeting new people on allied travel jobs, try to find common interests. Once you find some common interests, that’s your cue to suggest talking more about that during a break. As you learn about your coworkers’ common interests you can learn about local places to engage in those activities.

2) Being proactive with coworkers is important in an allied travel job

As an allied healthcare travel professional, you will always be new to the group of colleagues you’ll be working with. Consequently, it is important for you to take the initiative in finding ways to meet co-workers on allied travel jobs outside of work. When you are the new staff member, it is always a good strategy for allied health travel professionals to suggest a group function outside of work.

People are a lot more comfortable getting to know you in a group setting than in a one-on-one basis. Suggesting that a group is getting together for coffee or even drinks after work offers a non-threatening opportunity for co-workers on allied travel jobs to get to know you while at the same time displaying social confidence that is appealing.

3) In an allied health job, you need to find ways to meet people outside of work

While its natural to make new friends where you work, getting co-workers together outside of work can be challenging, as you are all juggling busy, variable schedules with your personal lives. That said, with social networking and all the venues available through the Internet, meeting people in a variety of locations across the country has never been easier. One way allied healthcare travel professionals can make friends while on allied travel jobs is to explore joining clubs with multiple locations or chapters across the nation.

For singles, clubs like Events and Adventures offer a variety of events and activities for groups of singles in cities like Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Seattle, Vancouver, San Francisco, San Antonio, and other locations with a high demand for allied healthcare travel jobs. For married allied health travel professionals, there is the Meetup app that matches you with other couples or people with interests ranging from career building to cooking to hiking to language learning and more.

If you are an allied healthcare professional intrigued by allied healthcare travel jobs but are concerned about making friends, Club Staffing has the resources to support you. Contact Us at 800.875.8999 or through our Quick Contact form.

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