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How Allied Travel Jobs Can Enhance Your Resume

Michael O’Leary | February 01, 2018


 By Michael O’Leary, Contributor

Let’s face it, you worked hard to earn your degree and land your first allied health job. You know the potential for career growth and advancement is great, but knowing how to start can be daunting.

Whether you are a physical therapist, speech language pathologist, or medical technologist, you should CONSIDER your career options with allied travel jobs from Club Staffing as a way to build your resume and accelerate your career advancement.

Where do you want to be in your allied health career in five years?

Whether you are newly graduated or have been working in an allied healthcare position for a few years, one of the most important things you can do to advance in your career is to set five-year goals.

Laying the foundation for building a robust and continually growing allied health career is essentially the same as it is for any healthcare provider. According to a panel of experts assembled by, there are five keys to career advancement:

  • 1. Invest in your allied health career education
  • 2. Build and use your networks
  • 3. Establish a mentoring relationship
  • 4. Pursue professionalism
  • 5. Continue to invest in professional development

Five ways allied health travel jobs can get you there quicker

There may be no faster way to incorporate those five principles into your career than with allied healthcare travel jobs. The demand for allied health travel is growing, which is pushing up salaries with high demand states paying twice or sometimes three times as much as rural and small population centers depending on allied health job, education, and experience, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Here are five ways a Club Staffing recruiter can help you pursue an allied travel job in healthcare that will help you achieve those keys and build your career and resume:

  • 1. Experience gained through allied travel jobs and working in a variety of settings and systems increases your knowledge and confidence for taking on new challenges, which is impressive on a resume. It shows demonstrated ability to learn new things, adapt, and take on a challenge.

  • 2. Allied healthcare travel jobs allow you to work with a variety of professionals with a broad range of skills and expertise in different geographic regions. This gives an allied healthcare professional a broad and expansive network of peers and colleagues.

  • 3. In addition to having a Club Staffing recruiter experienced in your field in your corner advocating for you, Allied healthcare jobs can provide you with potential exposure to some of the leaders in your field and allow you to possibly establish a relationship with a valuable, recognized mentor.

  • 4. Travel healthcare professionals come into contact with a broad range of professionals and allow you to experience and emulate peers who maintain the highest standards of professionalism with regard to care, confidentiality, and respect for patients and colleagues.

  • 5. Allied travel jobs offer a greater exposure to a wider range of continuing education opportunities. Different organizations and institutions offer a wide range of continuing opportunities for their employees. With a variety of CME offerings that come with allied travel jobs, you also gain a broader CME background.

Club Staffing is currently offering allied healthcare travel assignments for SLPs as physical therapists, medical technologists, social workers, and many other allied healthcare opportunities in small rural towns or larger urban centers. You also have flexibility working 4- to 42-week assignments at exclusive jobs that only Club Staffing can offer. So what are you waiting for? Your next allied travel job is just a click away with Club Staffing.

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