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    Get Your PT Compact State License Now- Here's How

    The PT compact has launched, giving PTs and PTAs new freedom to get licensing privileges in states that are part of the compact. This exciting new privilege qualifies you to work travel PT and PTA jobs within minutes through a short application process that otherwise could've taken months.  

    PT/PTA COMPACT LICENSE BONUS: Club Staffing will reimburse you for the PT compact privileging fee when you work for us*.

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    Get Your PT Compact License: Here's How

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    PT compact License Step One

    STEP ONE: Visit ptcompact.org and click on the “Purchase Now” button.


    PT compact 2STEP TWO: Enter your Federation of State Boards of Physical Therapy (FSBPT) ID and associated password. (If you do not have your login information it can be requested) Once logged in click Purchase.

    PT compact State LicenseSTEP THREE: Using your driver’s license, you’ll confirm your eligibility. Once eligibility is confirmed, select the state(s) you want PT/PTA compact licensing privileges! (Make sure you meet the jurisprudence requirements of each state!).

    PT compact 4STEP FOUR: You will immediately be sent to a confirmation page that provides you with your new compact privilege number(s) and all other necessary information.

    PT compact state License

    STEP FIVE: We will reimburse you for your compact license in the state in which you take an assignment with us, so start planning your next adventure!!.

    What are the Benefits of the PT Compact?

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    The PT compact brings a lot of value for both clinicians and facilities. With increased portability of the license, clinicians will be able to help fill shortages in staffing across the country. This will only make physical therapy easier to access for patients. It truly is a win-win for everyone involved.

    What States are Part of the PT Compact?

    The states in yellow in the map below are currently issuing compact privileges which means that PTs and PTAs in good standing in their home state (your home license must be in a state that's part of the compact) can apply to get licensed and immediately travel to any state issuing licenses. As other states begin issuing licenses, your ability to travel across the country will be greatly enhanced.

     Physical therapy compact license state map 5

      PT compact state map key

    *Club Staffing will only reimburse your PT compact privilege fees if you take an assignment with us in the state wherein the compact was purchased.

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